Hardware Services

Server & Networking Services

Every business organization has its own data, applications, services and information requirements that need to be managed. The organization can choose to get them managed inside or outside the network. Whitehats has designed different types of hardware independent solutions that can meet customers’ business requirements. They can have their services hosted in an environment with highly secure permissions. The customers can also get these services managed centrally in a fully permission-able environment. Get in touch with Whitehats to know about the different server solution options that we can provide.

CCTV & Security
Systems Installation

From your home or local corner store to multi-million dollars futuristic businesses, for achieving viable presence, the security plays an important role. For this reason, Security and Control is the most significant concern entities have these days for their employees, premises or strategic assets. Whether it is Retail, Malls/Public Spaces, Hospitality, Residential, Royal Palaces, Corporate Entities, Production & Warehousing Facilities, Educational Institutions, Oil & Gas, Military/Defense or Government etc., each sector gives strategic importance to security pertaining to the nature of the concern.

Biometric Device Installation

Access controls and biometric time attendance are now a major part of any small/medium/large enterprise. Huge variety of machines and brands are available in the market nowadays which has led to a greater confusion to choose what is right and what is suitable for you. At 7Heaven Technology, we take up the access control/ biometric time attendance projects with utter care and thought of meeting the client’s requirement and suggest them with the right machine and solution to meet the purpose of fixing the Time attendance/access control system. Being one of the most reputed Matrix Time Attendance and access control distributors in Dubai, we have a range of Matrix time attendance systems which allow you to easily control access to your business premises and keep records of attendance of employees for later use.