Property Broker Management


Reminders and Notifications

Buyers and Sellers, Lessee and Lessor Record

Deal Management and Commission

Sales Agent and Commission Management

System and User Administration

Reports and Dashboards

Document Management

Mobile Accessibility

For property sales & lead management

Product Description

Close more deal in less time. The brokerage business is one of the growing business in the market and the companies are looking for a medium that can save operational time and cost and also bringing brand awareness in the market. 7Heaven Technology has introduced a software specially for Brokerage Management which covers every minor tasks of brokerage system. With reminders to keep you alert and preparing events and Reports to let you monitor your performance and growth.

You can also assign activities, schedule meetings and set user based previleges like sending SMS, bulk email etc. With this, you can manage your sales team and track the performance of employees. You will also understand the market response and feedbacks about your property.

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